Professional Photographer

Sara Evans


I'm Sara Evans. 

A Professional Photographer for Happy People. A Professional Nature & Wildlife Photographer, as well as, an Entrepreneur, Traveler, Blogger and Wildlife Lover.  Also, a Stillbirth Advocate. Living my passion. Inspired by nature. Fueled by great cappuccino. Relaxed with amazing local wines.

Thank you for clicking my website. Photography is a passion of mine for many years. There's always something or someone new to see and capture. My photography is original, creative and fun. I don't always follow the rules. (Ok, I rarely follow the rules.) This has allowed me to get amazing prints, I am proud of and love to see hanging on my customer's walls.

When I put the camera down, you may find me blogging or educating people about stillbirth. My life was affected by the stillbirth of our son, Thomas. I believe education and knowledge are powerful.  

Also, I enjoy time with two special cocker spaniels, Emma and Ellie. I'm sure you'll see something about them if you read my blogs or follow my social media. I enjoy baking and testing new recipes. Also, spend time trading stocks, watching some football and learning new things. When all is said and done, I enjoy a good, peaceful night of sleep, too.

 I believe life is to be truly lived.

 I believe it's important to unplug from the world and relax from time to time.

 I believe in wearing good shoes because foot surgery is painful.

 I believe pizza is an acceptable breakfast food.  

 I believe education and knowledge are powerful tools.

 I enjoy hearing from everyone interested in my photography and my clients. Feel free to contact me.

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